Generative AI Professional Certification - GAIPC™

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The Generative AI Professional Certification - GAIPC™ is a foundational level that introduces professionals and enthusiasts to Generative Artificial Intelligence.

With this certification, you can validate your knowledge of the basic concepts and essential applications of Generative AI.

It's ideal for those looking to begin their journey in AI or deepen their understanding at an introductory level.

  • Two Exam Attempts

  • Digital Badge issued by Credly

  • Student Material

  • Certifications valid  for 3 Years


Join the forefront of innovation in 2024 by becoming an expert in Generative AI with our Professional Certification program!

Our certification is tailored to validate your understanding of generative artificial intelligence, equipping you with the necessary tools and concepts to enhance productivity in your workplace. This program is ideal for professionals across various fields aiming to advance their careers. Generative AI stands as the game changer of 2024. Don't hesitate to join this year's most significant trend.




The tech giants collect a lot of data. They use this data for advertising purposes, but that’s not all. With the advent of artificial intelligence, they can use this data to automate certain tasks. Humans are no longer making the decisions, algorithms are.

You need to be aware of how AI algorithms use data, especially when it’s your personal data and when that data is biased.

Learn and validate your knowledge in Artificial Intelligence with the Generative AI   Certification and discover the impact of artificial intelligence on work and the labor market.

Anyone  who is interested in expanding their knowledge  in  Artificial  Intelligence  and  wants  to expand their skills in this technology to know its characteristics, types, and possible implementations in the private and public sectors.

  • Understand AI Models
  • Discover the Opportunities Offered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Discover the Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Discover the Fundamentals of Deep Learning
  • Evaluate the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Familiarize  yourself  with  the  Key  Concepts  Associated with Artificial Intelligence
  • Identify common applications of Artificial Intelligence
  • Identify  the  Different  Stages  of  an  Artificial  Intelligence Project
  • Identify Security Concerns in Artificial Intelligence
  • Discover the True Power of Artificial Intelligence

Access to all these benefits

Two exam attempts

 Two chances to pass the exam are included.

Digital badge issued by Credly

Earn a globally recognizable and verifiable digital badge from Credly upon certification completion.

Student Materials

Access exclusive study materials designed to prepare you effectively for the exam.

Sample Exams

Practice with sample exams that mirror the real exam's structure and format.

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