2021 Proposal

Core Benefits

- Logo included in the final Agile Adoption Report 2021 and official website

- A Thank You post on all Social Media Channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

- Increase your website traffic and gain brand exposure by being listed on our official Agile Adoption Report website

- Obtain a Sponsor Digital Badge 

Standard Package

- Sponsorship: USD 500 | Number of Packages Available: Multiple

Audience Outreach

- Over 112K Social Media Followers
- 500K Email Subscribers
- 1,2+ M Unique Website visitors
- 3M Annual Page Views
- 38K Agile Adoption Report 2020 Downloads

About Agile Adoption Report - Edition 2021

In 2020, CertiProf and the community conducted a study that researched the adoption of agile methodologies that identified trends and progress to all stakeholders in the industry. This year, we would like to invite you to participate as a sponsor of the 2021 report. Participation will be open to any company that sees the report as an excellent opportunity to get to know how the industry has changed in the last year.

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