About us CertiProf®

CertiProf® is an Examination Institute founded in United States in 2015.

 Located in Sunrise, Florida.Our philosophy is based on the creation of knowledge in community and for this purpose its collaborative network is made up of:

  • CKA's (CertiProf Knowledge Ambassadors), are influential people in their fields of expertise or mastery, coaches, trainers, consultants, bloggers, community builders, organizers and evangelists, who are willing to contribute in the improvement of content.
  • CLL's (CertiProf Lifelong Learners), certification candidates are identified as Continuing Learner proven their unwavering commitment to lifelong learning, which is vitally important in today's ever-changing and expanding digitalized world. Regardless of whether they win or fail the exam.
  • ATP's (Accredited Trainer Partners), universities, training centers and facilitators around the world that make up the partner network.
  • Authors (co-creators), industry experts or practitioners who, with their knowledge, develop content for the creation of new certifications that respond to the needs of the industry.
  • Internal Staff, our distributed team with operations in India, Brazil, Colombia and the United States that support day by day the execution of the purpose of CertiProf®.