Devops days medellin1

Sponsorship: DevOpsDays Medellín 2021

July 9th / 2021

We are very excited to be a platinum sponsor of the DevOpsDays Medellín 2021 Event!

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Coffee talk by certiprof3

Coffee Talk by CertiProf

July 1st / 2021

Coffee Talk by CertiProf episode is live now!

Driven by our passion for teaching and learning, we aim to generate knowledge and inspiration that are the triggers for education and the continuous improvement of our community. We want to create conversations that broaden our horizons as professionals and as a community.

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Agile 2021a

Sponsorship: Agile2021

June 24th / 2021

We are very excited to be a sponsor of the Agile2021 Event!
Join us at #Agile2021 and SAVE $100 when you register by using A21CertiP at checkout.

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Blockchain anuncio

Blockchain Professional Certificate is available!

May 17th / 2021

This certification provides an overview of Blockchain technology and its evolution over the last few years. It also goes over how BiBi 4.0 technology is going to influence the future of the industry. In addition, the products and services that Blockchain Technology affects.

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Iso 27001 cli post 3

New Certification: ISO 27001 Certified Lead Implementer is now available!!!

April 5th / 2021

Learn to implement the ISO 27001 standard used to ensure the protection of critical data. Discover strategies to protect the identification and management of information, understand the associated risks and develop mitigation strategies to ensure the company's data remains confidential.

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Agile trends 1a

Colisão Agile Trends

March 24th

We are proud to announce that we will be sponsor of Colisão Agile Trends, the grand meeting of agilist from March 29th to 31st. Agile Trends connects people and companies interested in agility, generating learning and business.

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Certiprof  cybersecurity segunda iniciativa2

Second Initiative: Cyber Security Foundation

March 17th

The initiative our community was waiting for!

In today’s high-threat environment, having knowledge in Cybersecurity is a must-have requirement to prepare or the changes that digital transformation brings. With that in mind, this certification is ideal for people who want to guide their future professional careers in the area of ​​Cybersecurity.

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Captura hr

New Certification: Agile HR Professional Certificate

March 2nd

Agile HR is an exciting topic!⠀

This certification is ideal for Leaders of Human Resources, talent management, business transformation, Consultants, and people specializing in talent management.⠀

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60 with certiprof

60" with CertiProf

February 5th

Join us for 60" with CertiProf, a 60 second space where we share useful information to our community.

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Scrum 2020 bridge exam certiprof

Scrum Master Professional Certificate - Bridge Exam

January 21st

If you are a Scrum Master, update your knowledge based on The 2020 Scrum Guide™. We will be offering this bridge exam for free, from February 1st until April 30th, 2021.⠀

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Scrum 2020 update certiprof

Scrum Master Professional Certificate - 2020 Update

January 20th

Validate your knowledge as a Scrum Master with the 2020 version of the Scrum Guide released on November 18, 2020.

The certification exam will be available in Spanish and English and, of course, we invite volunteers to take part in translations into languages such as Portuguese and French, among others.

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Certiprof agile business owner summit sponsorship

Agile Business Owner Summit

December 8th and 9th / 2020

The 1st Agile Business Owner Summit is an event that aims to discuss Business Agility from a business perspective, creating awareness of the need for the role of Agile Business Owner in organizations.

It was 2 days, 2 editions, 2 languages ​​(Portuguese and Spanish), 11 Executives, 12 lectures, Agile Business Ownership, 300 participants, 4 panels and more!

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Certiprof remore work and virtual collaboration

Remote Work and Virtual Collaboration

December 1st / 2020

A large part of the world's workforce has never worked remotely. Today, and due to adverse circumstances, they are forced to face this situation intuitively. Now you can take the RWVCPC exam for free, you will learn some skills to become an amazing remote team player.⠀

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Certiprof itcc membership

Membership ITCC

November 23rd / 2020

We were very excited to announce our new membership with ITCC! The main purpose of the ITCC is to support the industry and its member companies by marketing the value of certifications, promoting exam security, encouraging innovation and establishing and sharing industry best practices.

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Certiprof agile week latinoamerica sponsorship

Agile Week Latam

November 16th / 2020

AGILE WEEK TOUR LATINOAMÉRICA 2020, was an ON-LINE event from November 16th to December 22nd.⠀

More than 100 high-level speakers were presented, from more than 15 Latin American countries.⠀

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Certiprof  agiles 2020 sponsorship

Ágiles Latam 2020

November 8th / 2020

Ágiles 2020 transcends the barriers of geographical distances and converges in a digital environment, where the passion for agility unites us. We want to connect people, places and experiences.

This year Ágiles 2020 took place from November 8th to 14th.