Certiprof 2022 septiembre pr1

CertiProf Continues to Expand their Certification Portfolio

August 29th 2022

CertiProf, a leader in professional certifications, is proud to announce the expansion of its professional portfolio by adding at least seven new professional certificates while updating two of its current certificates. This significant expansion is expected to provide a flywheel for organic growth in the incoming year.

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Certiprof 2022 septiembre pr 2

CertiProf Introduces the Certified Trainer Program and Empowering platform

August 27th, 2022

CertiProf introduces its Certified Trainer Program (CTP), which aims to close the gap between professionals who seek to get trained on specific topics, Authorized Trainer Partners who are in the look of trainers, and trainers who want to boost their international reach. After being approved, the Certified Trainers get listed on Empowering

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Certiprof empowering annoucenments august 2022

CertiProf Introduces the Certified Trainer Program

August 23rd 2022

We are proud to announce Empowering by CertiProf. We have created this platform to empower our lifelong learners to find the support they need for their training processes. Empowering will allow to visualize all CertiProf´s Certified Trainers, who will help us spread knowledge to our entire community.

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Certiprof press release 2022 okr master

CertiProf Launches Professional Certification for OKR Masters

August 22nd 2022

CertiProf, a leader in professional certifications, has announced the launch of a new professional certification to assist professionals and companies that want to implement OKRs (Objective and Key Results), a powerful goal-setting tool used by many great companies such as Google, IBM, and Netflix.

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Certiprof 2022 julio 1

Sponsorship: DevOpsDays Medellin 2022

July 28th / 2022

We will be part of the most important DevOps event of the year as Social Media Sponsors, in which through workshops and talks and referents of the DevOps community will share experiences gained in different organizations, countries and cultures that will enrich the knowledge and learning of all participants to this international conference.Join us and live this unique experience with us from July 28th to 29th, 2022.

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Certiprof 2022 julio agile 2022 a

Sponsorship: Agile 2022 Nashville

July 18th / 2022

We will be sponsoring the most important Agile event of the year where passionate Agile community members from around the world will come together to share their knowledge, experience and ideas through practical talks and workshops to explore, apply and deepen the values, principles and practices of the Agile movement.Join us for an Agile Alliance event online or in person from July 18-22

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Certiprof 2022 julio okr master 1

New Certifications: OKR Master & OKR Champion Certified Professional

July 1st 2022

We have a new OKR Professional certification in its two versions OKR Master and OKR Champion, for those who want to learn how to implement this framework within their organization and want to understand the importance of business strategies and how to align the organization around a common strategic direction and how to set objectives according to the vision and mission of the company. You will obtain these two certifications once you pass the exam.

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Certiprof scrum talks lanzamiento a

Scrum Talks

April 7th 2022

Our new space Scrum Talks, conversations with Scrum experts, who will guide us to effectively support and leverage Scrum, promote its use by learning best practices, share how to use it in different scenarios and industries, and advise on how to start the Scrum journey.

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Certiprof lanzamiento help desk a

New Certification: Help Desk

April 1st 2022

Our new CertiProf® Help Desk Professional Certificate – HDPC™ stands out for organizations and individuals as part of adopting good practices in the IT support industry.

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Certiprof corporate member agile alliance a

CertiProf is a Strong Supporter of Agile Alliance since 2019

March 2022

As a Corporate Member of the Agile Alliance, we are engaged with agile values and principles to empower individuals by helping them to reach their potential through education.

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Certiprof footer alliances post a

Know CertiProf alliances

February 2022

We are committed to providing continuous improvement in our processes. Learn more about our alliances that drive the growth of our brand and community.

Certiprof maribel agredo a

We are Credly Client Advisory Board Member

February 2022

We congratulate our Operations Manager, Maribel Agredo, on becoming Client Advisory Board Member at Credly, the world´s leader in digital badges.

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Certiprof design sprint available now certiprof a

New Certification: Design Sprint Certification CPDSC™

January 2022

Our Design Sprint Certification CPDSC™ is now available on our website! Design Sprint is a method initially created at Google Ventures to be completed in 5 days, producing a large number of solutions to any problem.

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Certiprof announcing livechat a

Live chat is now available

January 2022

Our customer service agents are always ready to provide you with all the information guiding your learning and knowledge experience. We are here to listen!

Certiprof design marketing available now a

New Free Certification: Digital Marketing Professional Certificate - DMPC™

January 2022

Our Digital Marketing Professional Certificate is now free. Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Post certified trainer

New Certified Trainer Program (CTP) is available!

December 1st / 2021

We are thrilled to announce our new Certified Trainer Program (CTP). This program is an amazing opportunity for professionals.

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