Our Certified Trainer Program (CTP) is designed for individuals passionate about teaching, helping, and spreading knowledge.


Promote Knowledge

Be an agent of change

As a Certified Trainer, you can

Validate your skills as a Trainer

Boost your professional development

Boost your brand

Deliver knowledge

Strengthen your authority as a Trainer

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Program Benefits

Be listed for 1 year on our website 

through Empowering

• Validate your certification by having a personalized URL
• Visibility as a CertiProf’s Trainer
• Personalized profile (Contact Information - Approved Badges)
• Publicly available platform (Commercial opportunities)

Promote, contribute, and build knowledge

• Invitation to be part of our Subject Matter Expert (SME) program
• Exclusive participation in BETA products

Promote your Brand

• Digital Badge and Registration in Empowering
• Boost your skills and competencies as a guest in our Learning Labs
• Promote your knowledge in community (Web Articles - Case Studies - Videos) *Content delivered under CC4 License

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Submit the requirements for each program in which you wish to be accredited

Our team will validate your requirements

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