Become a CertiProf Certified Trainer

Follow these steps to become a Certified Trainer


Step #1

Choose your certification and pay the application fee 

Step #2

Fill out the registration form online

Step #3

Send resume, Framework certificate & video required

Step #4

Pass the certification exam program

Our CertiProf Certified Trainer Program (CTP) is designed for individuals who are passionate about teaching, helping, and spreading knowledge with experience in training and improving organizations' processes.


The new CTP Program grants a simplified accreditation model for coaches. The following requirements must be met:

  • This is an annual Accreditation

  • Provide professional profile (resume)

  • Complete the CTP Registration Form

  • A $200 USD annual payment per accredited program

  • A 30 minutes video teaching the topic you wish to get accredited on using CertiProf's official material

  • Pass the certification exam program in which you want to be a coach

CertiProf is looking for professionals with deep and real-world experience who have demonstrated excellence in training to become our official certified trainers.


  • Be listed on CertiProf's website as an accredited one-time program trainer, with contact information, allowing our ATPs and the general public to hire your training services.

  • Direct invitation to participate in certification updates in which the trainer is certified

  • CertiProf Accredited Trainer Certification valid for one year

  • The opportunity to create content for CertiProf such as articles, blogs, case studies, videos, and more. This will allow you to share your knowledge, raise your image awareness, and brand as a trainer. *All generated material must be delivered under Creative Commons (CC4 BY-SA) license.

  • is a page with excellent global positioning, granting certified trainers visibility to thousands of visitors worldwide

The CertiProf Certified Trainer Program will boost our partner community reach and continue building knowledge through our lifelong learners.

Maria Saitis

CertiProf Trainer Program

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  • ​T: +1-305-676-7373 

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