DevOps Advanced Professional Certification - DAPC™

DevOps is best known in the software services field, but its principles apply in all contexts where fast delivery of trusted products and services is relevant.

The main objective of this certification is to test if you are familiar with the DevOps practices of the "Three Ways": Flow, Feedback, Learning and Experimentation. You will understand how these practices impact organizational and technical changes.

USD $180.00

Certification in Spanish only

Learning Objectives

- Understand the world of DevOps
- Learn about the Three Forms of DevOps
- Master the first way: Flow
- Master the second way: Feedback
- Master the third way: Continuous Learning and Experimentation
- Understand the importance of Information Security and Change Management

Audience Profile

- Software and Website Developers

- System Engineers

- DevOps Engineers

- Product and Service Owners

- Project Managers

- Test Engineers

- IT Services Operation and Support Team

- Process Managers

- Lean IT Professionals

- Scrum Agile Practitioners

Exam Details

- Format: Multiple choice question

- Open Book: No

- Questions: 40

- Passing Score: 32/40 or 80 %

- Language: Spanish

- Duration: 60 minutes

- Delivery: This examination is available online

Supervised: It will be at the Partner's discretion

Certification Details

Certification Type: Professional.

Certification Code: DAPC™


There are no prerequisites for this certification, however, we recommend the following:

- Have previous experience in Software, Agile, Lean and/or IT Service Management

- Have one of the following CertiProf® certifications: Scrum Foundation, DevOps Essentials, Kanban Essential, Agile Coach or similar certifications from other certifying entities

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