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CertiProf works with a network of partners and important alliances with different organizations from which we learn good practices to deliver quality products.

Being an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:
Access to all the certifications in our portfolio, study materials, and sample exams to offer your students a support guide before the final exam.

Discounts on certification exams.

Personalized attention and permanent support from our dedicated customer success team so that our Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) can achieve their desired results quickly.

Become a CertiProf Authorized Training Partner and take advantage of these exclusive benefits to improve your skills and enhance the success of your business. Join today!

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Types of ATPs

  • Training Providers Organizations, whose main business is to provide training for various skills and courses.

  • Companies organizations, which are not training providers or universities.

  • Universities Organizations, which are recognized as universities globally.

  • Small Training Organizations or Small organizations who were CertiProf´s initial partners.

  • Individual experts or consultants.


Authorized Training Partners

Some of our Partners

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Become a CertiProf Authorized Training Partner (ATP) andgain the exclusive privilege of delivering training courses for CertiProf certifications.

OurATP program recognizes organizations that have met our rigorous requirements,offering instructor-led courses and training materials to help individualsexcel in their chosen domain and prepare for CertiProf certification exams.