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Become a Certified Professional in Agile HR

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Become a Certified Professional in Agile HR

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Projects are affected by constraints in time, cost, scope, quality, resources, organizational capabilities, and other limitations that make them difficult to plan, execute, manage, and ultimately succeed.

  • Human Resources leaders and talent management.
  • Consultants and specialists in talent management.
  • Leaders in business transformation.
  • Incorporate and develop the principles of modern agility to human talent management.
  • Describe and develop the new practices that make the management of human talent in agile frameworks and how it must first generate transformations and then become a business partner.
  • Describe and train in agile at scale tools in order to generate new ways of managing talent in new business scenarios.
  • Redesign, focused on people, the employment, training, development and compensation processes within the agile business framework.

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