CertiProf Second Chance Program

This program has been created with the intention of giving a second chance to all those candidates who have taken our exams to obtain any of our certifications and have not obtained the necessary score to pass.

Terms and Conditions

  • Second Chance offering is available on exams that were taken and not passed as of September 1, 2020.
  • Second Chance offering cannot be applied to exams that were initially taken before September 1, 2020.
  • Second Chance offering applies to all CertiProf exams that are failed to pass on the first attempt and is a one-time offer, free of charge.
  • The free repeat exam is limited to the same exam taken previously and must be taken by the same individual who took the initial exam.
  • Second Chance exams are non-transferable and will be voided if altered in any way.
  • Second Chance offering is a free benefit offered by CertiProf to our candidates to encourage the growth and development of them and therefore has no cash value, even if not used eventually.
  • Second Chance  offering will expire 180 days after the date of taking the initial exam.
  • Second Chance offering expiration dates cannot be extended under any circumstances.