Getting certified is not enough!

However, it is the first step to boosting your professional growth and development since companies are increasingly demanding professionals with certified skills and validated experience.

According to a new study by (, professionals in 19 countries, nearly half of all organizations have been using the Agile methodology and practices within their management, going from being a trend to converting into a reality that is creating a growing demand for professionals with certified and validated knowledge and experience.

Strengthening your skills, working on your emotional intelligence, and maintaining your physical and mental well-being are fundamental strategies that you must carry out to achieve sustained professional growth.

CertiProf identifies and values constant learning tools as mechanisms for personal and professional growth, which help develop lifelong learning habits following the unstoppable pace of technological changes we face today. By creating our Lifelong Learner community, we aim to help you expand your skills and improve your career by validating your knowledge and experience with certifications with wide international recognition.

With CertiProf, you can start and continue your professional career pathway, validating your knowledge with our wide range of certifications and taking your career to the next level.

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According to the dataset of Organize Agile, Scrum is by a distance the most popular Agile methodology, with 80% of respondents stating that they use the approach within their Agile transformations.