Lean Six Sigma with Moutaz Zrein

In this Coffee Talk episode, we had the pleasure of learning all about Lean Six Sigma from Moutaz Zreinn, P.Eng., PMP. He explains how Lean Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology and continuous quality improvement that can help many companies succeed.

Lean Six Sigma has saved operating costs for many companies, including Honeywell and General Electric. To be successful, a company has to have a low operating cost. The cost of quality (CoQ) can't be high because it means the company will be making less net profits. If CoQ is too high, the company should implement a process mapping to find the waste and eliminate it. This is how Lean Six Sigma, a methodology created by Toyota, comes into play to improve performance by eliminating waste and defects.

Mr. Zrein provides us with a helpful acronym: "TIM WOOD," to remember all 8 types of Lean Six Sigma waste (Transport, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Overproduction, Over-processing, Defects) lastly, non-utilized talent. He also explains what the different color belts mean.

His advice to our lifelong learners is to learn Lean Six Sigma, focusing on data analytics and how to handle data.

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