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CertiProf® is now offering professional OKR certification (Key Objectives and Results): OKR Professional Certified (OKRCP).

For all those who want to master the advanced concepts of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and lead their organization (or customers) to manage goals in this agile framework.

This certification enables OKRCP holders to facilitate all levels of the OKR life cycle in their organization (or customers), from the development of good Objectives and Key Results to the deployment of strategic, tactical and operational goals, monitoring and closure with good governance and discipline. Using this acquired knowledge, the certificate holder will make the OKR culture accessible to all employees in the organization (or customers).

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is considered the Agile methodology for managing goals. The original concept came from Intel and spread to other companies in Silicon Valley. It supported the growth of Google and other exponential organizations.

It is an approach that is simple to understand and difficult to apply, to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals. The objective is to ensure that everyone moves in the same direction, with clear priorities, at a constant pace. OKRs have been a condition for investments in Startups, as it provides proportional predictability of strategic positioning and prioritization.

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Learning Objectives

- Understand the differences between OKRs, KPIs and other goal systems.
- Learn how to write good Objectives and Key Results.
- Understand the integration of corporate OKRs and individual OKRs.
- Master the entire OKR lifecycle in practice.
- Know the most used papers, cadences and artifacts.
- Learn from mistakes and successes and good practices that are not in books.
- Analyze case studies of Startups and large companies.
- Develop strategic planning through OKRs.
- Develop product and project planning through OKRs.
- Understand the adoption of OKRs for people and Culture.

Audience Profile

- Managers 

- Human resources professionals

- Financial Analysts

- Project Managers

- Product Owners

- Operations Managers

- Business Ownership

- Business Planning

Exam Details

- Format: Multiple Choice Question

- Open Book: No

- Questions: 40

- Passing Score: 24/40 or 60 %

- Language: Spanish / English / Portuguese

- Duration: 60 minutes

- Delivery: This examination is available online

- Supervised: It will be at the discretion of the Partner

Certification Details

Certification Type: Professional.

Certification Code: OKRCP™

- Expiration: 3 years


There are no formal prerequisites for this certification.

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