Scrum Talks with Omar Gonzáles

In this new episode of Scrum Talks by CertiProf, we had the pleasure of having the company of Jorge Omar Gonzalez, Scrum Master, Senior Product Owner, Agile and IT practitioner for more than six years.

For Omar, Scrum is a different way of working, because has broken the mold to do projects every day.

His goal is to deliver value and build something that matters.

From the beginning, Omar has used Scrum for product development.

When he is developing new projects, he is looking for new frameworks to apply with Scrum, analyzing the complexity of the problem he is dealing with.

He applies The Official Guide Scrum as it recommends for development, but he explains that there are a variety of frameworks to explore.

For him, Scrum is still relevant because it has proven its value, and companies have implemented it, just not because it is good, but because it gives them a great advantage to succeed.

He said, that in these times where competition is fierce, you always want to keep and grow the company's market position, and that is where Scrum comes in.

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