CertiProf Gold sponsor at AgilesCo 2021

For CertiProf it was a true honor to be a sponsor of Ágiles Colombia 2021, the event that brought together the entire agile community of Colombia and gave us the opportunity to share with experts of broad experience in Latin American market.

The opening of this event took place on Friday, September 17 at 1:00 p.m. and as soon the sessions started, assistants freely discussed about the proposed topics.

We had the contribution of great exhibitors such as Karen Jara, who spoke about Enneagram to form agile teams, Carlos Palacio, who shared his experience about The Role of the Leader in Agile Contexts, Luis Antonio Salazar Carballo solved doubts about user stories and Rose Restrepo who shared her experience about bionic leaders.

To all the exhibitors and organizers of this wonderful event, we want to express our greatest gratitude for making this an enriching and constructive experience for the entire agile community of Colombia.