Business Agility with Alexandre Klaser

In this episode of Coffee Talks, we had the pleasure of having the company of Alexandre Klaser, with whom we spoke about Business Agility, what it is, its benefits, and the common mistakes in implementing this practice.

Alexandre is the director of Digital Transformation in the Operation Services Line at Thoughtworks Brazil, with more than 25 years of experience building teams and launching projects.

For Alexandre, Business Agility is how quickly the market can adapt to change. The pandemic forced the companies to adapt to change. For example, with remote work, they had to adapt to the market as it was at the time.

Furthermore, Alexandre also talks about the main differences between Business Agility and Agile. Although, he thinks Agile focused on Software Development. He invites everyone to use its principles and take them a little further outside of IT, so a whole team can be in tune and just not the IT department.

Finally, Alexandre advises all those who want to implement Business Agility to focus on the customer first; understand their needs, and have a clear vision and goals. He also invites everyone to learn and improve their skills to understand this process as a transformation, keeping in mind that transformation is not the final destination but the road.

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