CertiProf Offers Free Certifications To Boost Professional Knowledge

CertiProf Offers Free Certifications To Boost Professional Knowledge

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CertiProf is an internationally recognized certifying entity committed to professional growth through education. Its purpose is to certify, promote, and validate knowledge to empower people to change their lives.

It constantly updates its portfolio with the most demanded certifications in the job market. CertiProf believes in continuous learning, so it also offers free certifications to invite individuals to improve their profiles.

More than 190,500 people have been certified at no cost in Scrum Foundation; the exam is based on the Official Scrum Guide 2020 and its goal is to learn the fundamentals of this framework.

The company also offers the Business Intelligence Foundation with over 6700 certified people and more than 2200 in Business Model Canvas, followed by the Lean Six Sigma White Belt with over 3000 accredited people.

As a result of the pandemic, more than 36,000 people were certified with the certification in Remote Work to learn the best practices for teleworking. Finally, CertiProf offers free accreditation with over 2000 certified people to boost knowledge in Digital Marketing.

It is essential to highlight that CertiProf grants digital badges issued by Credly, a leading company in the movement of digital credentials, which allows accredited individuals and companies to have a distinction worldwide.

CertiProf invites the community to explore its free certifications, get certified, and obtain international recognition.