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Become a Storytelling Professional certified.

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Become a Storytelling Professional certified.

The amount of data produced daily by each person on earth is about 1.7 MB per second. Thanks to this large amount of data, data is a new asset from which value and economic benefit can be extracted. Data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers, among other roles, are in charge of obtaining value from this mountain of data. However, bringing those business findings (insights) to the end customers of the organizations, usually the decision-makers, is challenging. There is a significant communication gap between these people and the technical profiles. For this reason, it is necessary to establish bridges of communication and understanding between the parties, allowing all involved to extract the desired value from the data.Statistics have never changed the way people think, but stories have. Stories have shaped our minds, culture, and society since ancient times when our ancestors sat around a campfire. Our minds are not designed to process numbers, but it does so very naturally with stories. For that reason, data storytelling, or stories with data, has become the method for excellence in transforming insights into actions that change the world.

The audience for this certification is data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, data engineers, machine learning engineers, statisticians, engineers, and people who generally work with data and wish to implement this method to be more successful in implementing actionable insights that are a result of data analysis. It is also aimed at executives, administrators, managers, decision-makers, politicians, communicators, and journalists who wish to bridge the communication gap between them and data specialists.

The student will learn the following:

  • How to drive change with insights
  • Why it is important to tell stories with data
  • The psychology of data storytelling
  • The anatomy of a data story
  • The foundation of a data story
  • The structure of a data story
  • Best practices to implement for data visualization

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