Cybersecurity with Joshua Hester

In this Coffee talk, we had the opportunity to talk to Joshua Hester, a Cybersecurity expert. He shared his knowledge on keeping people and organizations safe online and the kinds of attacks that can happen on the web.

The most harmful attacks for people and organizations are the ones that take advantage of the human mistakes made by social engineers. That's why everyone should be aware know how these threats work.

The Cybersecurity field needs more people with skills on the technical side, people able to analyze possible threats and think like an attacker, and people who can communicate effectively with the customer and the internal audience of their organization.

Hester makes a call for learners to dig out more on Cybersecurity and learn about real cases from the news ( is a favorite of his). He advises never to think this isn't a role you could take on. Jobs keep evolving, and because of remote work, new roles are now available. Make sure to upskill and for companies to grow their talent from the inside.

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