Business Model Generation Trainer - BMG-CT™

Business Model Generation Trainer BMG-CT™ is a distinction that is given to those who pass the process of accreditation as trainers.
CertiProf recommends that candidates for Business Canvas certifications take trainings with BMG-CT (Business canvas Certified Trainers.) To support that recommendation, CertiProf has an accreditation program that lists its official trainers.

Benefits of becoming a Business Model Generation Trainer BMG-CT™ 

With the Business Model Generation Trainer BMG-CT™ recognition, you will be given the status of Business canvas expert with the ability of teaching the knowledge, experience, and practice using CertiProf’s official material and by adding all your experience and knowledge to enrich the candidate capacitation process for CertiProf’s Business Model Generation  certifications. 

Some of the additional benefits are:

- Be listed on Trainer directory
- Be listed on CertiProf ‘s Talent Directory published on as Business Model Generation Trainer
- Promote yourself as an expert in Business Model Generation Trainer  with the BMG-CT™ accreditation
- Network with other usiness Model Generation Trainers  in the exclusive Train to Trainers (TTT) events
- Opportunities to be a speaker in events
- Use of CertiProf’s material
- Personal and brand awareness using the correspondent badge issued by
- Acknowledgement as official trainer through the certificate issued by CertiProf on an annual basis.  

Previous requirements

Step #1

Fill out the application online

Step #2

Pay the application fee 

Step #3

Send docs & video required

Step #4

Comply with the CertiProf code of conduct and pricing policy

Application fee

$200 USD

Annual renewal

$200 USD


Once the candidate met all the requirements for this certification, they will receive a confirmation E-Mail with their certificate, consisting of a question; afterwards, candidates will receive the badge.

Certification Details

Certification Type: Trainer

Certification Code: BMG-CT™

- Expiration: 1 year


- Fill out the application online

- Pay the application fee

- Send your resume with training experience and at least two references

- Send a one-hour video indicating the experience and methodology to be used Business Canvas course, taking into account our guide material

- Comply with the CertiProf code of conduct and pricing policy

Registration Form

The candidate must send one-hour video, indicating the methodology to be used in the Scrum Trainer course and previous experience teaching about scrum, always taking into account our guide material.

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