Scrum Guide with York Rossler

In this Coffee Talk, we had the chance to talk to Dr. York Rössler, Certiprof Partner and expert in the Scrum framework, who gave us his point of view about the most recent updates in the Scrum Guide 2020 version.

In his opinion, most of the changes are semantic. Still, they have a deeper background and impact on Scrum’s philosophy. For example, the change of the roles for Accountabilities, the Development Team changed to just Developers, and new terms as self-managing make Scrum a stronger framework.

Most of the changes, as the roles of Scrum Master, smaller Scrum teams, and removal of questions in the Daily Scrum are great decisions in Rössler’s opinion.

He concludes that 95% of changes were positive, only the refining process should have been expressed better and simpler, but these changes make a practical and stronger Scrum framework.

Rössler recommends that certified professionals study more about Scrum, assist to events, and practice every day. The expert emphasizes avoiding being ‘badge hunters’ who only want a certification for their CV and don’t know how to perform. This can be dangerous for the Scrum Community and organizations.

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