4 ways to increase your professional profile

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In today's world, creating and establishing connections and developing new skills have become crucial to improving a professional profile and standing out in the community, regardless of the professional field.

That is why we bring you this article with the objective of helping you stand out in your community and develop your online professional profile. These tips are sure to be of great help, be sure to read all of them.

1. Understanding T-shaped skills.

Nowadays, you need to understand that the labor, professional, and business market is highly competitive, so you must constantly develop skills. It is not possible to be excellent in all matters of the work environment. Still, it is important to maintain a balance between what you know in a general way and what you manage to obtain as a specialization.

A T-shaped professional is a person who has extensive knowledge and skills in a particular field and also in other fields within the same area of specialization. The knowledge and skills that complement the work environment are T-shaped rather than being more pyramid-shaped (single-skill professionals) or ladder-shaped (generalists).

It is recommended then to T-Shape skills and land current knowledge to determine new learning or specialization routes that complement your work environment.

2. Maximize your digital presence on LinkedIn

2. Maximize your digital presence on LinkedIn

It is no secret that the most used professional network today is LinkedIn. We recommend working on improving your LinkedIn profile as soon as possible. The image transmitted along with the content created or shared makes a perfect key to success.

Maximizing the presence on LinkedIn includes components such as a professional photo, a good description of interests, updated professional experience or academic history, certifications or education acquired, the groups you follow, your interactions with the community (comments), or simply who you are following. You should constantly be working on improving your digital presence.

3. Obtaining Certifications/Validations

Traditional education is still essential. However, the knowledge acquired in courses, workshops, masterclasses, or any other type of continuous learning is equally important to continue growing as a professional. Obtaining endorsed or supported professional certifications is highly relevant and provides additional support to your career and professional image.

Getting trained on new skills and opting to certify such knowledge is something that should be done nowadays.

Micro-credentials are an educational component that is here to stay and offers excellent support for your growth and image strengthening.

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4. Learn to celebrate achievements

It is essential to show and celebrate achievements; every effort counts and becomes an additional step in life.

It's always a good reason to celebrate a new job, acquiring new knowledge and new certifications. These are very important milestones for your personal or professional growth.

That celebration often includes spreading the word on social media, especially your LinkedIn profile. Celebrating becomes a way of recognizing and showing that you are constantly moving forward.

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