Inventory Management Analyst Professional Certification - IMAPC™

This certification aims to prepare students in the theory of inventory management with quantitative and statistical methods for its calculation and administration. To put these into practice, software such as Excel, RStudio, and Power BI, are used to calculate optimal inventories, demand forecasting, and information visualization.
USD $100.00

Learning Objectives

The certification objective is to prepare students in inventory management theory with quantitative and statistical methods for its management and calculation.

Audience Profile

- Warehouse Managers
- Supply Chain Analyst
- Supply Chain Manager
- All professionals who want to know how to calculate and manage their inventories in an optimal way

Exam Details

- Format: Multiple choice
- Open Book: No
- Questions: 40
- Language: Spanish / English
- Passing Score: 80%
- Duration: 60 minutes
- Delivery: This examination is available Online
- Supervised: It will be at the Partner’s discretion

Certification Details

Certification Type: Professional

Certification Code: IMAPC™


There are no formal prerequisites for this certification.

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