Scrum Developer Professional Certification -SDPC™

CertiProf® offers the Scrum Developer Professional Certification SDPC™ program to validate your knowledge about Scrum. Our examination is a multiple-choice online test, and you can take it from your PC from anywhere around the world.

After completing the Scrum Developer Professional Certification exam, you can expect to gain a general overview and understanding of how to deliver a potentially releasable increment of “Done” product at the end of each Sprint. We recommend you to continue your Scrum professional education with the Product Owner Professional Certification SPOPC™ or Scrum Master Professional Certificate SMPC®.

Our certification will allow you to cover all the Scrum framework knowledge, key definitions, and roles. After this, you will be ready to embark on a journey towards the Scrum Advanced Professional Certification SAPC™.

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Scrum Developer
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Learning Objectives

- Understand the role of a Scrum Developer based on the Scrum Guide™

- Understand the responsibilities of the Scrum Developer

- Prepare to perform the role of a Scrum Developer in an organization that uses Scrum

- Understand key terms and definitions to pass the Scrum Developer Professional Certification SDPC™ exam successfully

- Achieve recognition with the CertiProf® Professional Certification

The Learning Objectives for this certification are based on:

- Agile Manifesto 4 values and 12 principles
For this certification, CertiProf has adopted the Scrum Guide, The Definitive Guide to Scrum: The Rules of the Game.

Audience Profile

- Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in the
   Scrum Developer Role

- IT Leadership (Managers/Directors/VPs/CIOs/CTOs)

- Project Managers

- Product Owners

- Scrum Masters

- Aspiring Scrum Developers

- Team Leaders

- Software developers

- Product owners

- Software architects 

- Team leads

- QA managers

You will have two attempts within 180 calendar days after you receive your initial welcome email to pass the test at no cost.

Exam Details

- Format: Multiple choice 

- Questions: 40

- Open book: No 

- Language: Spanish 

- Passing Score: 32/40 or 80 %

- Duration: 60 minutes 

- Delivery: This examination is available online 

- Supervised: It will be at the partner’s discretion

Certification Details

Certification Type: Professional

Certification Code: SDPC™


There are no formal prerequisites for this certification.

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Version 2020

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Scrum Developer
USD $120.00