Business Model Canvas Professional Certificate BMCPC

Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models.

It is a visual tool with elements describing a company’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances.

It assists companies in aligning their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs by comparing them to one another and seeing the bigger picture of their overall business framework.

A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.

It can be described through 9 building blocks: Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Channels, Customer Relationships, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partnerships Cost Structure.

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Learning Objectives

- Understanding the concepts of business models, their patterns, and how they operate.

- Introduction to the Business Model Canvas to develop new business models and document existing ones.

- Understanding the different blocks of the Business Model Canvas and what their function is.

- Introduction to the Lean Startup Method (Create, Measure, Learn) and Continuous Innovation.

- Analyze the Lean Canvas and its function as a better method to focus on problems and possible solutions.

- Analyze a possible basis of profitability in a Business Model to pivot quickly if necessary.

Exam Details

- Format: Multiple choice question

- Open Book: No

- Questions: 40

- Passing Score: 32/40 or 80 %

- Language: English / Spanish

- Duration: 60 minutes

- Open book: No

- Delivery: This examination is available online

- Supervised: It will be at the Partner's discretion

Certification Details

- Certification Type: Professional

- Certification Code: BMCPC™

- Expiration: 3 years


There are no formal prerequisites for this certification

Audience Profile

- Business ownership

- Business Planning

- Entrepreneurs

- Consultants

- Coaches

- Management position or higher in a corporation

- Business Leaders

- Executives

Business Model Canvas Professional Certificate - BMCPC™

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