7 Reasons Why You Should Get Certified in Scrum

More people are now interested in learning about Scrum, the framework of choice by our community worldwide.

According to our Agile Adoption Report, 76% of employees and companies associate more with Scrum than other agile frameworks, and 83% show using this framework with different tools and practices.

Additionally, we have evidence that being certified in Scrum opens the possibilities of increasing job and professional opportunities for each of our candidates.

So, Why You Need to Get Certified in Scrum?

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Improve your CV

Optimize your resume and improve your job opportunities in different industries, showing skills over other candidates. Our Agile Adoption Report showed that 55% of companies are now starting to apply Agile in their initiatives and teams.

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Access to better salaries

Access to better salaries: Entry-level Scrum Masters can reach average salaries of US$80,000 per year (Figure estimated by Glassdoor according to US salaries).

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Risk reduction

Applying this framework will guide the company or project to risk reduction and acceleration in delivering value and products, and you will identify and remove obstacles faster.

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Agile framework

You will open the doors to apply other Agile practices, tools, or frameworks that optimize initiatives and fulfill goals such as OKRs, Kanban, Design Thinking, and User Stories.

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Upgrade team skills

You enhance your skills as a leader, bringing with it an increase in positive results for your teams. In addition, this will allow you to achieve better jobs.

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Agile leader

You will discover the importance of coaching and see opportunities to continue your professional growth by becoming an Agile Coach.

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Continuous growth

You will hone your capacity for continuous learning, committing to your professional development to achieve personal objectives and short-term goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why get certified with CertiProf?
You allow yourself to be recognized for your skills by showcasing your badges issued by Credly

Our certifications are highly requested by recruiters and serve as an impartial, third-party endorsement of your knowledge and expertise, allowing you to stand out from your peers. 

Our certifications are constantly improving thanks to our Subject Matter Expert Program. We count with more than 80 subject matter experts worldwide who continually update our certificates. 

You can increase your professional credibility by getting certified with an internationally recognized certification body like us. 

Thanks to certifications, you can show you meet a certain standard of competence. More industries and roles need specialized skills and require knowledge to be renovated constantly.
Does the certificate include the exam only, or does it come with the material?
Our certificate package includes the student material (PDF Format) for self-study and the official online exam. If you don't pass the exam on the first take, you get a second chance at no cost.

Does CertiProf provide training or virtual classes?
CertiProf is an examining institute. Therefore, we do not provide training or courses. However, the cost of our certificate includes student material.
How many chances do I get to pass the exam?
You get two chances at no cost. Please contact info@certiprof.com to request your second chance.

If I make a purchase, when will I have access to my exam?
You will receive your material and access to your exam in 24 - 48 hours.