CertiProf launches no-cost Scrum Foundation Certification Exam for IT sector

CertiProf launches no-cost Scrum Foundation Certification Exam for IT sector

CertiProf LLC

As COVID-19 continues to impact worldwide, private validation company CertiProf

has announced plans to virtually launch the Scrum Foundation certification exam aimed at professionals in software development.

The Scrum Certificate offers the basic level of knowledge in this framework, and the certification exam is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. 

Scrum is a world-renowned framework that helps people do a better job in uncertain environments by applying a set of best practices on a regular basis, allowing them to work together and achieve better results on projects.

"Understanding Scrum at a basic level will provide tools to all those interested in agile practices that will be used during and after the pandemic in their personal and work projects," declared Erika Zuluaga, CertiProf Executive Board Member.

"In this way, a constant value is delivered by allowing rapid adaptation to changes and high customer and user satisfaction."

She added: "We have decided to support the global community of stakeholders in Agile and Scrum practices by releasing at no cost the foundation certification exam. We see this as a great initiative that supports the worldwide community of these challenging times we face.

"Releasing the fundamental level of knowledge validation in Scrum to the market is an excellent start to many people's careers."

The CertifProf website is currently fielding 20,000 visits per day from people interested in this exam, and its metrics show that 44% of those who take the test, pass it.

The company is also working with volunteers who would like to help with translation into other languages to extend this benefit further, she added. 

Studies conducted by training leaders and employment portals have confirmed the world's job market has among the top 10 most taken certifications. Those related to Scrum Master certification are also available in Certiprof's portfolio.

For more information visit certiprof.com.


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