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Beta Testing 

Join the CertiProf Beta Exam Program
At CertiProf, we are committed to the development and continuous improvement of our certifications to ensure they keep pace with the highest and most relevant industry standards. Participate in our exclusive beta exam program and be a fundamental part of this innovative process.

Benefits of Participating in the Beta Exam

Reliability and Validity Testing

Ensure the accuracy and relevance of our certifications. Help us verify that our exams effectively and consistently measure the skills and knowledge they are intended to assess.


Selected participants can take the beta exam for free. This is an exceptional opportunity to obtain new credentials and advance your professional career while contributing to the refinement of our certification processes.

Market Readiness

Contribute to keeping certifications updated and aligned with current industry practices. Your participation ensures that our certifications remain valuable and relevant.

Community EngagemenT

Actively participate in the development of standards in your professional field. Your contribution fosters a stronger community and a collaborative and progressive work environment.

How to Participate?
To be considered for our beta exam program, simply complete the following form. CertiProf reserves the right to assess each application to ensure that participants have the appropriate profile for the certification that is in beta. Spaces are limited and are granted under specific criteria to ensure broad representation and diversity in exam responses

Beta Exam Registration Form



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Complete the form with your name, email address, area of specialization, and any other relevant information to be eligible to participate in the beta exam for free.

Have questions?
We have answers!
 Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the beta exams?


Professionals who are active in the areas covered by our certifications and wish to advance their knowledge and skills through new learning opportunities.

What is the cost of the beta exam?

Selected participants can take the beta exam for free. Specific details will be provided once selected.

How is my feedback used?

Your feedback is crucial for the completion and improvement of the exam. We will use your comments to adjust the difficulty and relevance of the questions, as well as to resolve any technical issues that may arise..

If I fail, can I retake the exam?

If you receive notification that you failed the beta exam, you will be able to retake the production exam when it goes live. We will provide information on retakes with your beta exam score notification. Beta candidates are only able to take the beta exam one time during the beta period.

Can I take the exam at a Training Center?

The beta exam can only taken online at

CertiProf is Member of IT Certification Council

CertiProf is proud to be a member of the IT Certification Council.


This membership underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in IT certification. It enables us to stay aligned with the latest industry trends and practices, ensuring our certifications are both current and globally recognized.