CertiProf is proud to announce its membership with the 

Professional Certification Coalition (PCC)

• CertiProf continues its growth and recognition as a world leader in professional certifications.

Sunrise FL, September 16, 2021.  CertiProf, a leader in professional certifications, is proud to announce its membership with the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC), a D.C.-based nonprofit association that addresses legislative initiatives that directly impact professional certification programs and certified professionals.

CertiProf reaffirms its commitment to offer support and content of the highest quality to all its lifelong learners through this partnership. The professionals that choose CertiProf can achieve even greater growth within their careers.

Being part of such an important coalition in the certification industry shows the broad international support that a badge issued by CertiProf has. By joining the PCC, CertiProf is now among the 115 most influential non-government professional certification organizations in the United States, alongside companies such as  CompTIA, ISC2, and Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

“CertiProf is excited to continue adding partnerships with strong organizations like the Professional Certification Coalition. We feel that the work the PCC does would be an enormous benefit to all our lifelong learners, and we are happy to stand side by side with them. As our lifelong learners continue to upskill, they can have the confidence the PCC is behind them.” Said Gina Gillin, Managing Director of CertiProf

CertiProf is committed to promoting and defending the best legislative interests of all those who use or rely on professional certification as a means of validating knowledge and opening the doors to a better professional future.

In 2019 and 2020, the PCC was the first legal line of defense in industry, monitoring and analyzing 80 bills in 38 States of the American Union. They educated and promoted the interests of their associates, being a key piece in the inclusion of new amendments and laws that cover all certification programs and certified people.

CertiProf is proud to assist the PCC in advocating for the professional certification industry as a whole and providing even greater value to Certiprof’s lifelong learners.

About the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC)

The Professional Certification Coalition was founded in 2018 by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence and the American Society of Association Executives to address the efforts of legislators and/or interest groups, to enact state legislation that could have the effect of undermining the activities, recognition developed or offered by private, and non-governmental certification organizations.

The PCC promotes and represents non-governmental professional certification programs and organizations and their service providers.

It is an unincorporated nonprofit association whose members consist of professional non-governmental certification organizations, programs, and service providers.

About CertiProf

CertiProf® is a globally recognized certification body that includes a partner community with over 900+ training companies worldwide. More than 800,000 certified professionals have validated their knowledge in agile practices in programs such as Scrum, DevOps, Design Thinking, and OKR, among others.

 For more information on the PCC, visit www.profcertcoalition.org


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