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Increase new student enrollment by including certification programs.

Offer your students the opportunity to acquire the most in-demand skills in today’s job market.

Incorporate internationally recognized professional certification programs into your university’s curriculum, an effective strategy for preparing your students for the workforce.


Of graduates who have obtained professional certifications report that these have significantly improved their employment prospects.


Of people with international certifications are more likely to be hired compared to those who do not have such certifications.


Of students seek institutions with international accreditations that guarantee the quality of the education provided.

Give your students with access to a wide range of unlimited international certifications supported by CertiProf.

Through our CertiProf University Program, we prepare your students for highly demanded job positions in the market.

Universities are crucial in training professionals suited for an increasingly demanding business environment.

It is essential that students not only master theoretical knowledge but also develop practical skills and obtain globally valid certifications, preparing them to excel in the current economy.

Strengthen your students' job placement with the most sought-after certifications by leading organizations worldwide.

Benefits for your students with our University Partner Program (UPP):

  • They will obtain an international certificate to facilitate job placement.

  • They will have the opportunity to access a wide variety of highly demanded job positions across different industries.

  • They will be equipped with additional skills and globally recognized credentials.

  • It will enhance their professional profile.

Professional Certifications

Discover why students and businesses value professional certifications. 

  • 78% of employers consider possessing professional certifications crucial when evaluating candidates for a job. 

  • 92% of the students surveyed expressed interest in obtaining professional certifications to improve their job prospects.

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Expand your academic offerings by integrating international certifications backed by CertiProf. Offer programs that include internationally recognized professional certification, which will strengthen the employability of your graduates and position them as more attractive candidates for companies.

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