Artificial Intelligence with Houneida Sakly 

We had the amazing opportunity to speak to Dr. Houneida Sakly. An expert and researcher in AI who explained the wide possibilities Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are opening. This technology is changing the world in healthcare, decision-making, and data analysis.

From her point of view, AI's main objective is not to take human jobs but to improve them, minimize mistakes, and set bigger standards for quality in all the fields, making most activities easier and efficient.

Based on her experience, Dr. Sakly believes AI's future is bright because it will play a vital role in global decision-making in all the fields of different industries and life. She also believes AI is going through a critical time transitioning from weak AI to strong AI, having a deeper impact on our daily lives.

Dr. Sakly's advice for those who want to start a career in AI is to improve their mathematics, statistics, and probabilities skills, always considering the requirements of the market right now.

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