CertiProf is a global examination institute founded in the United States in 2015 and its philosophy is based on the co-creation of shared knowledge in community and following this precept today it wants to announce its adherence as a member of the ITCC- IT Certification Council, a non-profit organization committed to the growth and promotion of professional IT certifications.

To date, CertiProf (https://certiprof.com/), is comprised of a community of over 800,000 certified individuals worldwide and continues to evolve driven by market needs and the reality of many regions of the world today, promoting the value of IT Certification and contributing to the professional development of thousands of individuals.

The fundamental purpose of the ITCC is to support the industry and its member companies by marketing the value of certification, promoting exam security, encouraging innovation, and establishing and sharing industry best practices.

For more information on the ITCC, visit itcertcouncil.org

"Joining the board of the ITCC has been very important to us, as we are committed to the improvement and growth of our certification programs. Being able to collaborate with other industry leaders in pursuit of their empowerment and contribute to innovation and being able to participate in industry efforts to increase the value of education is very rewarding for us," said Alejandra Zuluaga, VP, Business Development & Strategic Growth.

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