OKR with Antonio Polo

We had the amazing opportunity of talking to Antonio Polo, OKR coach. He shared his experience implementing and using OKRs and their benefits to corporate success stories directly related to exponential growth.

According to Polo's experience, OKR is a framework that will align teams to more objective and accurate goals driven by data and facts—improving communication through one of its main values, transparency.

OKR is a framework that has to be kept simple, and that's the main reason it does not need any tools to implement it.

OKR always will need a coach or advisor who plays the role of guardian, keeping the discipline, monitoring data, following the proper development, and ensuring progress.

Antonio Polo's advice to our lifelong learners is that OKR's are a great opportunity to improve careers, team production, and even achieve personal goals. Always keeping in mind their implementation can take time but mean a significant productivity improvement.

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