DevOps Foundation Professional Certification

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Become an DevOps Foundation Professional Certified

DevOps Foundation Professional Certification - DFPC is available to take or re-take online

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Exam Code: DFPC

Exam format

  • Multiple choice
  • 40 questions
  • Passing score: 80%
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Closed book
  • Unproctored exam delivered through

You will have two attempts within 180 calendar days after you receive your initial welcome email to pass the test at no cost.


Please read the following carefully before proceeding:

  • You may take the exam immediately or within 6 months from payment date.
  • Once the exam is purchased and taken you won’t be eligible for a refund.

Retake Policy

Each exam purchase includes 1 free retake.

Become an DevOps Foundation Professional Certified.

If you are new to DevOps, this certification will give you basic information, including key concepts and terminologies.

This certification covers the DevOps Full Stack: People and Culture, Processes and Practices, Technology and Automation.

Our DevOps certification is designed to turn you into a catalyst for change within your team. Throughout this program, you will immerse yourself in the core principles of DevOps, understanding its culture and philosophy. You will learn to establish a clear and shared vision of DevOps for your team and organization.

Upon completing the certification exam, you will have the tools to transform your teams into high-performance teams capable of embracing the DevOps culture and maximizing its potential. Get ready to make a difference in your organization and become a leader of change with the DevOps certification!

Upon completing this certification, you can:

  • Develop a shared understanding of DevOps.
  • Understand how the DevOps culture evolved.
  • Learn real-world techniques and insights for implementing DevOps at a leadership level.
  • Comprehend the available tools for your teams to achieve fast, well-tested continuous delivery of IT applications and services.
  • Understand the Key Metrics to Focus On.
  • Discover where and how to start with DevOps in your organization.
  • Begin scaling agile principles to the next level: end-to-end processes involving all IT groups.
  • Establish a shared expectation of what it takes to implement DevOps principles and how long it might take.
  • System administrators
  • IT Operations
  • Developers
  • IT professionals
  • This is for technology and software development enthusiasts who need to understand the principles of DevOps and its benefits in improving efficiency, quality, and collaboration within the software development lifecycle.

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