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Earners with this badge have accepted this recognition for their unwavering commitment to lifelong learning, vitally important in today's ever-changing and expanding digital world. It also identifies the qualities of an open, disciplined, and constantly evolving mind, capable of using and contributing knowledge to develop a more equal and better world.

Earning Criteria

- Be a CertiProf certification candidate.

- Be a continuous and focused learner.

- Identify themselves with the concept of lifelong learning.

- Genuinely believe and identify with the concept that knowledge and education can and should change the world.

- Want to boost their professional growth. CertiProf - Lifelong Learning - This is for you - You deserve it!👊

Those who hold this credential have demonstrated that they identify with CertiProf's lifelong learning philosophy and deepest values. As a community, we understand, empower and exalt all those who have proven to have vision, courage, discipline, and unwavering self-determination to keep learning and seeking professional development beyond their possible horizons.

CertiProf identifies and values constant learning tools as mechanisms for personal and professional growth, which help develop lifelong learning habits following the unstoppable pace of technological changes we face today.
This badge recognizes earners learning efforts and development as a significant advance in the community's ability to contribute to a more equitable and better future.