Kanban with Zach Bonaker

In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking to Zach Bonaker, an agile coach. He specializes in bringing lean thinking to organizations and teams of varying sizes.

Zach shares his knowledge of Kanban and how the approach focuses on optimizing the flow of value through a system. He explains the three different practices:

1. Define and visualize the workflow.

2. Managing the workflow.

3. Improving the workflow.

He shares how it compares to Scrum and provides several benefits of using this strategy.

When it comes to using a tool, Zach explains how even though there are software and license tools; you should start with something simple as a whiteboard that will allow you to manage workflow and improve it. What is important is to demonstrate an effective way of working and not a specific tool.

According to Zach, there are three base measurements every business needs to use: Flow measurements, Cycle Time and Throughput. He goes into detail to explain each of them and why they are so important.

Lastly, Zach explains how Kanban helps business operations and advises anyone interested in implanting it.

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