Keys to Succeed as a Scrum Product Owner: Tips from an Expert

Keys to Succeed as a Scrum Product Owner: Tips from an Expert

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Recently, we had the privilege of sharing a virtual stage in our Learning Lab (Webinar) with Alejandra Aspee, a valued partner of CertiProf. At the conclusion of the session, we received a very interesting question from one of the participants: "I am about to start a job as a Scrum Product Owner for the first time, could you give me some advice?"

Alejandra, with her characteristic clarity and experience, shared a series of valuable recommendations for anyone about to embark on the fascinating world of Scrum. Here we share the essence of her response:

Key Work Agreements:

Upon assuming your role as Product Owner, it is crucial to establish work agreements with your team. Clearly define what the refinement process will be like, how user stories will be structured, and how meetings will be organized. Establishing these agreements from the outset will help to bond with your team and create an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual understanding.

Active Presence:

Never be too busy to miss the retrospective. It's a common scenario for Product Owners to get tangled in committees and neglect team meetings, which eventually disconnects the team. Remember, you are an integral piece of the team, and your presence in these meetings is vital.

Joint Product Discovery:

If you are about to embark on the development of a new product, the discovery process should be a collaborative activity. Alejandra suggests an activity called Product Vision Box that helps ensure that the entire team is aligned with the product objectives. This exercise will reveal whether the team has truly understood the essence and objectives of the business.

Mutual Support:

A good Product Owner does not work in isolation. Collaboration is the essence of Scrum. You have the support of the team, and they should have yours.

Now, to perform effectively in this role, a solid understanding of the principles and practices of Scrum is essential. We invite you to explore our Scrum Product Owner Professional Certificate - SPOPC certification, which will equip you with the necessary knowledge to successfully lead Scrum teams. Additionally, to delve into product discovery, our Lean Product Discovery Professional Certification LPDPC is an excellent option. Both certifications will prepare you to face the challenges that come with the role and will help ensure a successful performance as a Scrum Product Owner.

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