Sociocracy and Agility with John Buck

In this episode, we talked about "Sociocracy and Agility" with John Buck, Certified Sociocracy Consultant and President of Governance Alive LLC, who has extensive management experience with government and corporations.

John is the author of several books such as: "We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy" and "Company-wide Agility with BOSSA nova", and is working on the release of: "Governance From Below: Can Children Lead the Way?

John explains how he started his journey on learning about Sociocracy, a governance system, just like democracy or corporate governance methods. It's best suited for organizations that want to self-govern based on the values of equality. He explains how Sociocracy and agile are closely related since both encourage reflection and testing. However, Agile was born in IT, but Sociocracy focuses on spreading agile to the whole company. As he was writing a book about Agile and Sociocracy, he found out other methodologies could help run successful companies. Thanks to his research, he and his co-author came up with the BOSSA nova method: Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy, and Agile. He explains why they picked each methodology, why they work well together and how it helps deal with VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity).

When it comes to complexity, cause and effect disappear, and you can only tell patterns. John recommends using the probing method to experiment and help you deal with any complex problems. He provides best practices on applying probing (thinking process, hypothesis, and running the experiment) and transformative learning.

John recommends continuous experimentation, bringing the culture of discipline experimentation into companies so people feel heard and feedback can flow.

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