The demand for agile professionals is on the rise around the world. This tendency, which was more evident in the IT industry, is now increasing in other areas of business and other industries.

Based on the companies that our certified candidates work for and on the industries associated with our LinkedIn profile followers, the IT industry has more demand, followed by Financial Services (including banking), Telecommunications, and Government Administration. These organizations are constantly looking for personnel that holds the following top 5 most critical agile certifications, which are ideal for professionals who wish to build work skills with agile methodologies:

This global trend is also represented in the skills and knowledge related to participants in our Agile Adoption Report 2022 survey.

In recent years, our top 5 certifications have been highly demanded in the marketplace and offer significant income opportunities. Additionally, they provide better organizational management initiatives, as referenced in publications such as, Google Ventures, and Harvard Business Review.

Additionally, something that reinforces this tendency is the report on essential skills for Agile presented by Garner Inc. We can see that Kanban and Scrum are considered the “core” required methods for the job market.

Our Accredited Trainer Partners (ATPs) network is constantly offering these certifications in agile methodologies and tools. You can find their available courses on our website. 

Finally, if a professional has the knowledge and has not yet obtained their certification, this can be achieved by taking the exam on the following link. Click here.