CertiProf has a broad portfolio of highly recognized certification programs tailored across domestic and international markets. While program popularity varies based on market needs, our top 5 certifications are highly demanded in the global marketplace.

 We must consider that certifications respond to the job market needs and the desire to develop personal skills. The job market changes based on the country and even in regions within countries. The spoken language also influences them. We can have vital certifications in India that are not equally strong in Latin America. However, in general, we have the following ranking:

Top 5 Certification 2022

1 - Scrum Master

2 - Design Thinking

3 - OKR

4 - Agile Coach

5 - Kanban Essentials

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Scrum Master Professional Certificate (SMPC)

The Scrum Master Professional Certificate (SMPC) is fundamental to obtain the required knowledge to take on responsibilities as a Scrum Master in a team.

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Design Thinking Professional Certificate - (DTPC®) - CertiProf

Design Thinking Professional Certificate(DTPC)

The Design Thinking Professional Certificate (DTPC) is based on the concepts of the IDEO lab from Stanford University and highly demanded for its innovation philosophy.

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OKR Champion Certified Professional - CertiProf

OKR Master/ OKR Champion (OKRMPC)

OKR continues to gain relevance around the world for its results that for more than a decade have given the establishment of an objective system to companies like Google, Bill Gates Foundation, Intel, among others. Additionally, according to the Agile Adoption Report 2021, OKR adoption is trending. CertiProf offers OKR Master and OKR Coach.

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Become an Agile Coach Professional certified with Certiprof

Agile Coach Professional Certificate

The need for agile leadership and adopting an agile mentality have significantly increased the demand for certified candidates with the knowledge and skills to act as coaches. Many Scrum Masters evolve as Agile Coaches as part of their personal growth.

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Kanban Essentials Professional Certificate - (KEPC) - CertiProf

Kanban Essential Professional Certificate

This program has been a great complement to expect from powerful tools and resources supporting job performance. CertiProf has successfully offered this credential among the candidates and the job market.

In recent years, our top 5 certifications have been highly demanded in the marketplace and offer significant income opportunities. Additionally, they provide better organizational management initiatives, as referenced in publications such as indeed.com, Google Ventures, and Harvard Business Review.