Design Thinking with Carolina Salazar

In this Coffee Talk, we had a fantastic conversation with Carolina Salazar, a Design Thinking expert and Founder of Design Thinking Sweden, who shared her experience and knowledge in this field.

Design Thinking is a methodology created to offer practical and creative problem-solving in any industry, with a human-centered approach that results in effective and innovative solutions.

For companies, it means cost savings, greater ROI, and more successful products to the market. For example, IBM calculated an ROI increase up to 300% due to implementing this philosophy.

This philosophy is so successful in designing new products or solutions because it understands the social nature of humans. It starts from the principle that while technology and social circumstances may change, basic human needs remain unchanged.

Carolina Salazar’s advice to our lifelong learners is to be creative, figure out how to solve the customer’s problems, and be open with your ideas.

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