On our main website certiprof.com you will find a special menu about COVID-19, banners and pop-up messages where we communicate the initiatives enabled in your region.

Some of our answers and resources have been oriented to the creation of mechanisms to offer special discounts by zones, develop new certification programs, translations by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to other languages such as French, Traditional Chinese, Bahasa (Indonesia) among others, with the objective of supporting other countries and the implementation of new partnership models, where the main objective is to add value to the community and to promote collaboration among all.

We are constantly evaluating the situation that countries, regions, companies and professionals are facing at the moment and based on this, we are carrying out different initiatives and incentives according to the characteristics of the market and the realities that each one experiences. 

- Asia, Africa and Europe have different initiatives according to the region.
- Latin America and Brazil share some benefits.
- North America (USA and Canada) have special campaigns. 

In the last 3 months, we have seen an exponential growth where more than 100 new training centers have been linked in the world and we have taken measures every day in order to support the whole community. 

As part of the community we always welcome your questions about the support we are providing and the contributions you would like to make in order to create resources and support initiatives in the midst of the pandemic.

Currently, our entire team is working remotely, but we are fully operational and available to you.

We are assessing the context of each region minute by minute, case by case, and how they evolve over time. 

According to the changing and uncertain environments, we can make further adjustments and will continue to communicate those changes as soon as possible.

CertiProf will continue to adapt to our new environment.

We need to continue to hear from you, so if you have questions please feel free to send them to exams@certiprof.org