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Authorized Training Partner (ATP) Program

Our Authorized Training Partner (ATP) program is intended for professional training organizations that deliver training in CertiProf certifications.

This program is aimed at


Universities looking to add CertiProf's endorsement to  certain programs.

Academic Institutions

Academic institutes offering open or 

corporate courses.

Freelance Trainers

External trainers or in-house professionals within companies, providing training to non-public personnel.

Top Programs offered by our partners to their students

⭐ Scrum Master

AI Prompt Engineer

Scrum Product Owner

Scrum Developer


Lean Six Sigma

⭐ Scrum Master

⭐ Kanban

AI Prompt Engineer

Lean Product Discovery

Agile Mindset

Agile HR

Agile Coach

Agile Leadership

Design Sprint

OKR (Objectives and Key Results

Design Thinking

Innovation Management

⭐ Bigdata

Inventory Management

⭐ Blockchain

Data Storytelling

⭐ Cyber Security

ISO 9001 Lead Auditor

ISO 22301 Auditor

ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

Software Project Manager

Enhance your training offerings by incorporating programs supported by CertiProf. Our programs are tailored to address current, specific business needs, impacting opportunities for new jobs or income growth.

Become an Authorized Training Partner

Display CertiProf's registered trademarks alongside your training programs to build credibility and trust.

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