Blockchain Professional Certificate - BCPC®

This certification reviews the evolution of Blockchain technology, the industry's future, and how the BiBi 4.0 will influence the future of the industry's development. Subsequently, the products and services that Blockchain Technology influences will be analyzed.

This certification will provide a first approach to a comprehensive solution for a company that can support efficiency, control, trust, traceability, and processes to generate disruptive and positive changes for any sector.

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Certification in Spanish Only

Learning Objectives

- Identify what the 4th industrial revolution is
Recognize what Blockchain is and its types
Learn the consensus of Blockchain technology and the new models of business solutions
Explore the Blockchain Technology Ecosystem
Analyze Smart Contracts, their operation, and application
Distinguish the relationship between Blockchain technology with other 4.0 technologies
Detail the different use cases applied with Blockchain technology

Audience Profile

- Professionals in the finance industry

- IT professionals

- Entrepreneurs and business owners

- Legal and regulatory professionals

- Academics and researchers

- Students

Exam Details

- Format: Multiple choice Question

- Open Book: No

- Questions: 40

- Passing Score: 32/40 or 80 %

- Language: Spanish / English

- Duration: 60 minutes

- Delivery: This examination is available online

- Supervised: It will be at the discretion of the Partner

Certification Details

Certification Type: Professional.

Certification Code: BCPC™

- Expiration: 3 years


There are no formal prerequisites for this certification.

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