Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate (SFPC) - (EN/SP)


The exam Scrum Foundation is part of CertiProf® professional Scrum qualification program and has been developed in cooperation with international experts in the field. After the completion of this certification, we recommend you to continue your Scrum professional education with the Scrum Master Professional Certificate (SMPC), followed by the Product Owner Professional Certificate (SPOPC) and Developer Professional Certificate (SDPC).

This will allow you to cover all the Scrum framework knowledge, key definitions and roles. After this, you will be ready to embark on a journey towards the Scrum Advanced Professional certificate (SAPC).


Learning Objectives:

1.  Introduction to Agile and Scrum
2.  Scrum practices
3.  Scrum planning
4.  Monitoring Scrum projects
5.  Basic Scrum concepts

Target Audience:

Anyone interested on learning about agile methodologies.


There are no formal prerequisites for this certification


Course Type: Fundamentals
Certification Code: SFPC

Certification Exam:

Format: Multiple choice
Questions: 40
Language: English/Spanish/Portuguese
Pass Score: 24/40 or 60%
Duration: 60 minutes maximum
Open book: No
Delivery: This examination is available Online
Supervised: It will be at the Partner's discretion




Scrum Foundations

Scrum Foundations