Scrum Advanced Professional Certificate

USD $100.00

Am I eligible?

The Scrum Advanced Professional Certificate is a certification that assesses the candidate's practical experience.

To be eligible, you must meet or fulfill the following entry requirements:

  1. Hold any certification related to Scrum (such as SMPC, CSM, PSM, SCM, SMPC, or equivalent).
  2. You must have worked professionally under the Scrum framework for at least two years.
  3. Provide an essay explaining your experience utilizing the practices of the Scrum framework.
  4. Pay the verification fee.

Once CertiProf has validated the requirements, we will proceed to release your certification and Credly Badge.


  • Being listed in the Credly directory as a Scrum Advanced professional.
  • Receive a certificate that validates your knowledge.

 Exam Code: SAPC