Business Model Canvas Trainer BMC-CT™

USD $200.00

Business Model Canvas Trainer

This credential is intended for those who will lead, share, promote and leverage the knowledge, skills and competencies of their learners in the fields of Business Model Generation to help shape entrepreneurial minds and independent business people through critical, analytical and innovative thinking.

Requirements for BMC's specialized Coach training:

To get the most out of this training, facilitators must:

- Pass the exam with 80% on the BMC Practitioner exam.
- Be able to bring their own experience to the training process.
- Have a comprehensive and excellent knowledge of the Business Model Canvas and its application in different environments.
- Understand the difference between the BMC and the Lean Canvas.
- Possess a wide domain of the different success cases of the 2 models and have documented the application of both models in different industries, first and desirably in their country of origin and in other countries.
- Be passionate about entrepreneurship and all the risks and rewards it entails.
- Work on your own or for an entity and want to have a business vision to enhance your professional career or that of the company.
- Want to update and continue training yourself by teaching others.
- Promote continuing education as a strategy to contribute to the development of our communities.